WordPress Course Singapore

wordpress course singapore

You will learn how to create website using WordPress within 2 days, acquire your  domain name, setup a web host you control, and customize WordPress the way you want, even if you have zero technical knowledge or have never built a website before. Create your Website or Blog very fast and easiest way by using WordPress. If you are not a computer expert or IT person, still you can create your website easily. WordPress is an open source CMS(Content Management System) used for develop websites and blogs.

Duration: 2 Days Website Design Using WordPress Training

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About The Course

Our interactive 2-day workshop will equip you with the basic knowledge needed to create your very own website. It will be an interactive hands-on lesson, where you will learn to install, create, customize and maintain your website.

Course Objectives

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Create a simple yet modern-looking website all by yourself
  • Able to link up your web hosting and domain name to make a website online
  • Manage and maintain a Word Press website (updating of web content, add pictures, add videos, add a contact form, etc)
  • Create your own business emails (instead of [email protected], it can be [email protected])
  • Back up a Word Press website, and transfer the entire site to another domain or web host.
  • Increase your website security and reduce the chances of being hacked
  • Understand basic on-page Search Engine Optimization to improve a website’s search engine friendliness.

Who Should Attend

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who wish to build their own website using WordPress
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to start their own business
  • Digital Marketers who wish to learn about WordPress web designing
  • Working professionals who are looking for a career change to the Digital Marketing industry


  • Basic computer knowledge

Website Design Using WordPress Course Outline

Module 1 – Introduction

  • What is a content management system
  • Essential elements to get started
  • What is a domain name
  • What is web hosting

Module 2 – Domain and Hosting

  • Recommended domain name registrars
  • How to buy a domain name
  • How to check for domain name availability
  • Recommended web hosting providers
  • What to consider when choosing the right hosting plan for your needs
  • How to purchase a web hosting account
  • How to point/link a domain name to a website

Module 3 – Navigating cPanel

  • The main element to take note of in cPanel
  • How to set up company emails (eg. [email protected])
  • Assessing File Manager

Module 4 – Word Press Installation

  • 4-step Word Press installation
  • Logging into Word Press

Module 5 – Word Press Themes 

  • Modern Web Design Trends
  • Choosing a reliable Word Press Theme
  • Installing a theme

Module 6 – WordPress Settings 

  • How to edit the general settings
  • How to add and edit contents
  • How to edit Website setting through the Reading settings
  • How to control the interaction of visitors and other blogs with your website through discussion settings
  • How to manage image sizes through Media Setting
  • How to edit permalinks settings
  • Managing users (Add/edit and delete users)

Module 7 – Plugins

  • How to install plugins
  • Things to take note of when installing plugins

Module 8 – Adding Site Content

  • Creating web pages
  • Creating subpages
  • Setting up your main navigation menu
  • Adding content to the Visual Editor / Text Editor
  • Adding images to your page
  • Creating hyperlinks
  • Publishing your page
  • Creating posts
  • Setting up a blog
  • How to upload a logo
  • Customizing the footer

Module 9 – Contact Form Creation 

  • Creating a contact form
  • Embedding a contact form
  • Testing of the contact form

Module 10 – Adding images to your website

  • Things to take note of when sourcing for images
  • How to create your own homepage banner
  • How to resize your images
  • How to compress your images

Bonus Module 1 – Website Security

  • How to increase website security for word press
  • What Plugin to use

Bonus Module 2 – Website Backup and Maintenance

  • How to Backup your website through Cpanel
  • Update your password regularly

Bonus Module 3 – Making your Site SEO-Friendly

  • Installing Word Press SEO
  • On-page SEO ranking factors (Meta description / Meta tag)