Advance Excel Course

Course Objective | Project  Outline  |  Target Audience

Advanced Excel  Course Objective

Advanced Excel Course SingaporeAdvanced Excel Course  includes all Features, Functions and Formulas of Microsoft Excel . This Advanced Excel Training help participants to learn Pivot Table, VLookup, Hlook up, Filtering Data using Functions, Exporting and importing data, Basic Macros and many more tricks in Microsoft Excel. This is a hands-on Advanced excel training where you will be working on live exercises of each topic.

Duration: 2 Days Advanced Excel Course

  • One Time Free Refresh Class in 6 Month
  • SkillsFuture Approved Course
  • Hands-On Exercises
  • Attention to each participants
  • Interactive Class
  • Step-By-Step Course
  • 100% Satisfactory Record
  • Trained more than 10000 Participants
  • 10 Year Experienced Trainer
  • ACTA & Microsoft Certified Trainer

SkillsFuture Claimable Course

Target Audience For Advance Excel Course

This Advanced Excel training course is highly recommended for all, who use Microsoft Excel in their day routine job and want to enhance the skills to get more productivity. This course recommended to all the job like Admin, clerk, analyst, data interpreter, who work to accumulate data and get report with more advanced functions of Excel to become more productive and make the most of Excel.

Be prepared to do a lot of Exercises, to learn the concepts and techniques of Microsoft Excel.

Advanced Excel functions and formulas

  • Logical functions
  • Conditional functions
  • Financial functions
  • Text functions
  • Date functions
  • Array formulas

PivotTables and PivotCharts

  • Working with Pivot Tables
  • Rearranging Pivot Tables
  • Formatting Pivot Tables
  • PivotCharts

Lookups and data tables

  • Using lookup functions
  • Using MATCH and INDEX
  • Creating data tables

Exporting and importing data

  • Exporting and importing text files
  • Getting external data

Analytical tools

  • Goal Seek
  • Scenarios

Advanced data management

  • Validating cell entries
  • Advanced filtering

Macros and Visual Basic

  • Running and recording a macro
  • Working with VBA code

Advanced charting

  • Chart formatting options
  • Combination charts
  • Graphical objects

Accessibility and language features

  • Accessibility consideration
  • Internationalization

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