DSLR Photography Course

Creative Photography Course Singapore

Duration: 5 Days DSLR Photography Course in Singapore

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  • Hands-On Exercises
  • Attention to each participants
  • Step-By-Step Course
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  • Trained more than 10000 Participants
  • 10 Year Experienced Trainer

5 Day Morning, Evening and Night photography

  • Day 1 Session Time: 5.00 PM – Meet at Bayfront MRT Station ( Near control Rm ) Place: Marina Area – Evening and Night Photography
  • Day 2  Session Time: 6.15 AM – Meet at Khatib MRT Station ( Near Control Rm ) Place: Lower Seletar Reservoir- Sunrise and morning Photography
  • Day 3  Session Time: 5.00 PM – Meet at Stadium MRT Station ( Near Control Rm) Place: Tanjong Rhu – Sunset and Night Photography
  • Day 4  Session Time: 6.15 AM – Meet at Raffle Place MRT Station ( Near Control Rm) Place: Marina Bay – Sunrise and morning Photography
  • Day 5  Session Time: 4.30 PM – Meet at Marina Bay MRT Station ( Near Control Rm) Place: Marina Barrage – Sunset and Night Photography

Photography Course Using DSLR Camera

Learning Landscape Photography – All Hands-On indoor and Outing Sessions. This course will improve your photography skills further in methods, techniques and better understanding in the photography. You will be able to take nice picture using your DSLR Camera. We will cover theory and practical lessons in this photography course.

SkillsFuture Claimable Course 

Photography Fundamentals

  • Main focus on How to Capture Morning, Evening and Night Photograph.
  • 5 lesson – All hands-on outing
  • Need to have a DSLR / Mirror-Less Camera with a Bulb Mode for Practical Session

Accessories needed for Photography Training:

  • A Tripod
  • Cable Release
  • Torch
  • Filter: Neutral Density – ND Filter
  • Circular Polarizes – CPL Filter
  • Camera Flash

Introduction of Camera Equipment

  • Knowing your Camera Equipment
  • Understanding Apertures, Shutter speeds, ISO and White Balance ( AWB,  WB)
  • Exposure Modes: From Auto to Manual
  • Understanding Color Temperature
  • Flash Usage and Exposure Metering

Lesson 1 – Introduction (Classroom)

  • Types of Digital Cameras
  • Knowing  your  camera  equipment
  • Focusing  Modes  and  Depth  of  Field
  • Exposure : Aperture, Shutter  speed, ISO
  • Shooting  Modes : Custom, M A S P , Auto, SCN

Lesson 2 – Practical Photography Session

  • 8:00am to 11:00am
  • Bayfront MRT station- (Passenger Service)
  • Subject and their Backgrounds : Landscapes
  • Learning Objectives
  • How to use a Aperture and Shutter Speed
  • Choosing backgrounds and viewpoints
  • Understanding effect of focal length

Lesson 3 – Classroom Session

  • Sharing Photos
  • Discuss and edit photos
  • Tips and tricks on each angle of photo
  •  Good photography Tips and technique
  • Understanding Composition & Lighting

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