Python Data Science Course

Python for Data Science Course Objectives

Course Objectives

Python for Data Science Certification Training Course

Python Data Science course SingaporeThis Python Data Science course Singapore will start your mastery of data science and analytics techniques using Python. With this Python for Data Science Course, you’ll learn the basic concepts of Python programming and gain in-depth knowledge in data analytics, machine learning, data visualization, web scraping and natural language processing. Python is a required skill for many data science positions, start your career with this interactive, hands-on course and become master in python.

What are the course objectives?

The Data Science with Python course will furnish you with deep knowledge of the various libraries and packages required to perform data analysis, data visualization, web scraping, machine learning and natural language processing using Python.

Python programming has surpassed Java as the top language used to introduce US students to programming and computer science, and 46 percent of data science jobs list Python as a required skill.

After completing our training, the learner will be to:

  • Download and analyze data programmatically
  • Learn techniques to deal with various data types such as ordinal, categorical, encoding
  • Learn data visualization
  • Understand Machine Learning
  • Learn predictive modelling tools and techniques
  • Discuss and validate Machine Learning algorithms
  • Explain Time Series and its related concepts
  • Perform Text Mining and Sentiment analysis

Why should you learn Data Science with Python to grow your career?

  • Most leading MNCs are investing in Data Science with Python and moreover, there is a constant increase in demand for professionals who can work in this technology.
  • Python’s design and libraries provide productivity over ten times compared to C, C++ or Java
  • A skilled Python Developer in the United States can earn $122,500 –

Who should learn Data Science with Python?

The below job roles are benefited with our training:

  • BI Managers and Project Managers
  • Analytics Professionals
  • Software Developers and ETL Professionals
  • Big Data Professionals
  • Aspirants wishing to have a career in Python

What are the prerequisites for the Data Science with Python course?

There is no specific knowledge to learn Data Science with Python. Though, a basic programming knowledge can help.

What will you learn in this Data Science with Python training?

During the Data Science with Python course, you will be trained by our expert trainers and master in the following areas:

  • Concepts of Python for Data Science
  • OOP concepts, functions, and expressions
  • What is SQLite in Python, classes, and operations
  • Creating Pig and Hive UDF in Python
  • Deploy Python for MapReduce programming
  • Real-world Python for Data Science projects

SkillsFuture Claimable Course

Data Science With Python Training Curriculum

  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Various data formats and how they can be changed
  • Data reliability, efficiency and affordability
  • Deriving information from data
  • Designing modules
  • Understanding and neglecting the unwanted strategies
  • Understanding the concepts of calculus in this approach