Android Application Course

Android Mobile Application Course Overview

Android Mobile Application Course Objective:

Android App Developer courseOur Android Mobile Training Course makes you an expert in Android application development. Learn overview of android development tools, activity, services and testing for user-focused app development, Android basics, its complete architecture to understand core data etc.

Duration:3 Days Android Application Training Course

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Getting Started With Android

This module gives knowledge over the Components of Android, Android activity cycle and service cycle.

  • Components of Android Application
  • Android Activity Lifecycle
  • Android Service Lifecycle.

Introduction To Various Versions Of Android

Know the evolution in android versions from the initial to the latest.

  • Android .0
  • Android .
  • Android ..

Android for Tablets

This module will explore on the tablet suitable version of android and other advanced features.

  • Latest about Android 4.0
  • Face Recognition and other advance features.

Installation & Configuration Of Your Device For Android Development

Learn all the components to be installed for Android development and testing.

  • Installing the Java Development Kit
  • Installing the Eclipse IDE
  • Installing the Android SDK
  • Installing and Configuring the Android Plug-in for Eclipse (ADT)
  • Upgrading the Android SDK
  • Configuring the android Development Hardware for Device Debugging
  • Eclipse IDE Tips and Tricks 45
  • Running and Debugging Applications in android

Mastering The Android Development Tools

This module trains you on how to Debug android applications with DDMS, how the emulator runs using other Android tools.

  • Using the Android Documentation
  • Debugging Applications with DDMS
  • Working with the Android Emulator
  • Using Other Android Tools.

Android Funda’s

Understanding Android application requirements, Android components and much more in this module…

  • Android Application Components
  • Activating components
  • The Android Manifest File
  • Declaring Android components
  • Declaring Android application requirements
  • Application Resources.


What are the activities in Android? Learn how to create, declare, start and Manage an entire activity lifecycle during Android training.

  • Creating an Android Activity
  • Implementing a user interface
  • Declaring the activity in the manifest
  • Starting an Activity in Android
  • Starting an Activity for a Result
  • Managing the Activity Lifecycle in Android
  • Implementing the lifecycle callbacks
  • Saving activity state
  • Handling configuration changes
  • Coordinating activities in Android


This module will give an overview about services in Android.

  • The Basics Declaring a service in the manifest
  • Creating a Started Service
  • Extending the Intent Service class
  • Extending the Service class
  • Starting a service
  • Stopping a service
  • Creating a Bound Service
  • Sending Notifications to the User
  • Running a Service in the Foreground
  • Managing the Lifecycle of a Service
  • Implementing the lifecycle callbacks
  • Fragment Lifecycle
  • Advantages for large tablets
  • Creating and using Fragments.

Android Services-II

Deepen your knowledge in mobile app development, about services by understanding more about its applications.

  • Starting a service in Android
  • Stopping a service in Android
  • Creating a Bound Service in Android
  • Sending Notifications to the User in Android
  • Running a Service in the Foreground
  • Managing the Lifecycle of a Service in Android
  • Implementing the lifecycle callbacks.

What Is Meant By Content Providers In Android

Learn all about content provider in this module of Android training.

  • Content provider basics
  • Querying a content provider in Android
  • Modifying data in a provider
  • How do we Create a content provider in Android
  • Content URI summary.

Intents in Android

This module will train you on intent resolution, intent filters and intent matching.

  • Android Intent Objects
  • Intent Resolution
  • Intent filters in Android
  • Common cases
  • Using intent matching in Android

Processes & Threads In Android

By the end of this module, you will have a good understanding about Process lifecycle, Worker threads and inter process communication in mobile app development.

  • What is are Processes?
  • Process lifecycle in Android
  • Threads
  • Android Worker threads
  • Thread-safe methods in Android
  • Inter-process Communication.

User Interface

Learn the components present in a user interface of android, like widgets, UI events, menus also a little about adapters, styles and Wallpaper themes in this module.

  • View Hierarchy
  • Android Layout
  • Android Widgets
  • UI Events
  • Android Menus
  • Overview of Adapters & Styles and Themes in Android

Declaring Layouts

Learn to write XML codes, XML resource, Attributes, also a few parameters of Layout in Android.

  • Write the XML
  • Load the XML Resource
  • Attributes
  • ID
  • Android Layout Parameters
  • Position
  • Size
  • Padding and Margins in Android

Creating Dialog’s In Android

Learn Adding a list, buttons, progress dialog and much more… in this module of Android training.

  • Showing a Dialog
  • Dismissing a Dialog in Android
  • Creating an Alert Dialog in Android
  • Adding buttons
  • Adding a list
  • Creating a Progress Dialog in Android
  • Showing a progress bar.

Notifying User

Understand the process of Toast notifications and status bar notifications in Android mobile app development.

  • Creating Android Toast Notifications
  • Creating Android Status Bar Notifications
  • Creating Dialogs in Android

Application Resources In Android

By the end of this module, you will be able to provide resources, access resources and handle runtime changes.

  • Providing Resources
  • Accessing Resources
  • Handling Runtime Changes

Providing Android Resources

This module trains about the various resource types, Android Qualifier name rules, creating alias resources mobile app development.

  • Grouping various Resource Types
  • Providing Alternative Resources
  • Android Qualifier name rules
  • Creating alias resources
  • Providing the Best Device Compatibility with Resources in Android
  • Providing screen resource compatibility for Android .5
  • How Android Finds the Best-matching Resource.

Accessing Resources & Handling Runtime Changes

What is meant by Accessing Resources from code, Referencing style attributes and much more.

  • Accessing Resources from Code
  • Accessing Resources from XML in Android
  • Referencing style attributes in Android
  • Accessing Platform Resources
  • Retaining an Object During a Configuration Change in Android
  • Handling the Configuration Change Yourself.

Android Data Storage

Know the components of Android Storage – Internal storage, external storage, using databases and Network connection.

  • Using Shared Preferences
  • Using the Android Internal Storage
  • Using the Android External Storage
  • Using Databases in Android
  • Using a Network Connection.

Android App Widget

Learn all about App Widget in this module of Android mobile app development.

  • The Basics of App Widget
  • Declaring in Android an App Widget in the Manifest
  • Adding the App Widget Provider Info Metadata
  • Creating the App Widget Layout in Android
  • Using the App Widget Provider Class in Android
  • Receiving App Widget broadcast Intents
  • Creating an Android App Widget Configuration Activity
  • Updating the Android App Widget from the configuration Activity.

Android Testing

Perform android testing after building your app during Android training.

  • Creating a Test Project in Android
  • Creating a Test Package
  • Running Tests in

Getting Ready To Publish In Android

What happens in a release process, what is packaging, signing and testing and application, know all in this module of mobile app development.

  • Understanding the Release Process
  • Preparing the Release Candidate Build in Android
  • Testing the Application Release Candidate
  • Packaging and Signing an Application in Android
  • Testing the Signed Application Package in Android
  • Publishing on the Android Market.