ITIL Foundation Training

ITIL Foundation Training Singapore

ITIL Foundation Course Objective:

  • One Time Free Refresh Class in 6 Month
  • SkillsFuture Approved Course
  • Hands-On Exercises
  • Attention to each participants
  • Step-By-Step Course
  • 100% Satisfactory Record
  • Trained more than 10000 Participants
  • 20 Year Experienced Trainer

ITIL Foundation Training Outcome

As shown in the diagram above, our experienced IT industry champions will equip you with ITIL concepts, processes and functions and their applicability in your day to day IT working with specific and relevant practical scenarios.

Post the course, you should be ready to understand an existing ITSM implementation as well as attempt to introduce it to you organization; And will be prepared for your ITIL foundation certification exam.

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Our ITIL trainer has 20 years of experience. He train to the participants using real time scenario. He is a inventor of Zero Incident Framework for IT.

ITIL Foundation Course is Relevant for You:

  • If you require a basic understanding of the ITIL framework
  • If you need a greater understanding of ITIL to enhance the quality of IT services in your organization
  • If you are interested in exploring functions of IT Managers, Service Desk staff, Operations staff, and Developers
  • If you are looking to enhance your IT qualifications for better career advancements
  • If you are looking to accomplish complete ITIL track, ITIL foundation is a pre-requisite for next levels which are capability and lifecycle.

Examination Format and Details

  • Exam could be taken immediately upon completion of the course on 2nd day or arrange to come next day
  • Duration is one hour and you need to attempt 40 multiple choice questions
  • Certificate is awarded only if you secure 65% or more in the exam, which means you need to answer 26 questions correctly out of total 40. Its easy!

ITIL V3 Foundation Course Syllabus Outlines

The objective of ITIL V3 foundation qualification is to introduce you to ITIL and make you aware of the ITSM processes, their goals, objectives, and key processes and functions. Entire syllabus is covered in 7 units. Below is a brief list of topics covered in each of the units.

Unit 1: ITIL and The Service Lifecycle

  • Introduction of ITIL (The Framework, Lifecycle, Publications, Quality, and Governance)
  • Introduction of Best Practices and Guidelines
  • Introduction of relationship between various ITIL lifecycle processes
  • Understanding of Functions, Processes, and Roles

Unit 2: Service Strategy

  • Introduction of Service Strategy (The Concept, Objectives, and its Fit within the ITIL Framework)
  • Key Definitions (Value, Warranty and Utility, Resources, Service Portfolio)
  • Introduction of Service Strategy Processes
    • Demand Management
    • Financial Management
  • Explanation of a Business Case
  • Explanation of how may all these work in your organization

Unit 3: Service Design

  • Introduction of Service Design (The Concept, Objectives, and its Fit within the ITIL Framework)
  • Key Definitions (Four Ps, Five Major Aspects of Design, Service Package)
  • Introduction to Service Design Processes
    • Service Level Management
    • Service Catalogue Management
    • Supplier Management
    • Capacity Management
    • Availability Management
    • IT Service Continuity Management
    • Information Security Management
  • Explanation of Business Value
  • Explanation of how may all these work in your organization

Unit 4: Service Transition

  • Introduction of Service Transition (The Concept, Objectives, and its Fit within the ITIL Framework)
  • Introduction to Service Transition Processes
    • The Transition Planning & Support Process
    • The Change Management Process
    • The Service Asset & Configuration Management Process
    • The Release & Deployment Management Process
    • Knowledge Management
  • Explanation of how may all these work in your organization

Unit 5: Service Operation

  • Introduction of Service Operation (The Concept, Objectives, and its Fit within the ITIL Framework)
  • Key Concept (Role of Communication)
  • Introduction to Service Operation Function
    • The Service Desk
    • The Technical Management Function
    • The Application Management Function
    • The IT Operations Management Function
  • Introduction to Service Operation Processes
    • The Incident Management Process
    • The Event Management Process
    • The Request Fulfilment Process
    • The Problem Management Process
    • The Access Management Process
  • Explanation of how may all these work in your organization

Unit 6: Continual Service Improvement

  • Introduction of Continual Service Improvement (The Concept, Objectives, and its Fit within the ITIL Framework)
  • Key Definitions
    • The Deming Cycle
    • The Seven-Step Improvement Process
    • Governance and ITSM
  • CSI Approach
    • Success Model
    • Measurements & Metrics
  • Explanation of how may all these work in your organization

Unit 7: Technology and Architecture

  • Overview of some of the products available in market helping in ITSM journey
  • Architecture Guidelines

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