Email Etiquette Training

Course Duration: 1.0 day

Course Overview

Professional email, this will provide your company with that all important competitive edge. Moreover by educating employees as to what can and cannot be said in an email, you can protect your company from awkward liability issues.

Course Objective:

The email etiquette course provides advice on how employers can ensure that they are implemented. Participant will learn the techniques, format and proper email language.

Email Etiquette Course Outline

  • Being concise and to the point
  • Using proper spelling, grammar & punctuation
  • Use proper structure & layout
  • Using of good e-judgement and cc on good basis
  • Managing your messages promptly
  • Cool down before you send a hot mail
  • Using good judgment when sending email; staying on top of your inbox and thinking before sending.
  • Organizing Contents
  • Mailings > use the bcc: field or do a mail mergeDeliver a clear and informative speech