HTML & CSS Website Design

creative webdesign training singapore

Duration: 2 Days Creative Webdesign Course

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  • Hands-On Exercises
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  • Step-By-Step Course
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Course Description

2 Days Hands-on Creative Website Design Course is an interactive hands-on training to design and develop a creative and professional looking website. We teach creating website using HTML, CSS and Dreamweaver. Target Audience those interested in creating dynamic Web sites. Basic experience with HTML is assumed. Course Objective: Upon successful completion of this Web design course, students will have:

  •     Understanding of Web Server, Domain name and FTP from stretch.
  •     Understanding that how to get Web Server, Domain and how to upload website on web server.
  •     Understanding concept of HTML and HTML tags to develop website.
  •     Build HTML web pages with text, links, images, tables, and forms.
  •     Understanding CSS code and how to use CSS in better way.

Understanding Basics of Website

  • What is Website
  • How it works
  • What is Domain
  • What is hosting
  • What type of hosting available and which one should be buy
  • Things to remember before buying hosting


  • Create and maintain the website in a simplest way using Dreamweaver
  • Create pages with multiple columns, add pictures and text
  • Create links and use different font sizes and colors


  • What is HTML
  • The key to understand how HTML works
  • Role of HTML in a Website
  • HTML language
  • HTML Tags
  • How to use HTML
  • How to identify the tags used in creating web page
  • Importance of HTML
  • Anatomy of a Webpage
  • Creating Webpage using HTML
  • Tips and tricks of using HTML
  • HTML with Dreamweaver


  • Concept of CSS
  • Why we use CSS
  • Types of CSS
  • How it works
  • How to apply CSS to style Web pages
  • How to display HTML elements
  • Multiple Design using CSS
  • How to beautify Website
  • How to use CSS in table, forms, division etc.
  • Multiple Column webpage
  • Nested boxes in design

FTP Uploading

  • How to upload website to servers using FTP
  • How to update website using FTP

Preview of Internet Marketing

  • What is importance of internet Marketing
  • How Internet Marketing help you to get website traffic
  • Ways of Internet Marketing