Basic Excel Shortcuts

Basic Excel Shortcuts

Learn Microsoft Basic Excel Shortcuts Keys for Window & Mac

Microsoft Excel was released in the year 1987. It has a basic feature of all spreadsheet. It is a grid of cells arranged in numbered rows and letter- named columns to organise data manipulations.

It has a display data as a line graph, charts etc. It has a variety of interactive features.


Ribbon is the strip of buttons and icons located above the area or spreadsheet.

You can open shortcut menu by pressing the right mouse buttons. The shortcut menu gives you access to commonly used commands.


Quick Access Toolbar allows user to customize the frequently used commands to open the toolbar options you can click on the down arrow at the end of toolbar.


In excel you can recognize active all by the black outline. You always enter data in an active cell.

You can move down by hitting enter or return button to move back to the same all you have to hold the shift button and then hit enter or return button. To move right in the row you can hit Tab button and similarly to move back to the same cell hold the shift button and hit tab button. You can use cursor to select whatever you want. You can also move by pressing the arrow key.


Task rows is a rectangular window that appear on the right side of excel window. It acts as a open menu which allows you to select from commands and functions. You can select commands as per your needs.

Dialogue bar can help you to add information and make decisions for your worksheet.

Excels Shortcuts Key for Window and Mac

  • To show shortcut menu
  • To make number active
  • Show program icon menu
  • To select next or previous commands
  • Sub menu
  • To close the visible menu
  • To close the sub menu only                 

Excels Shortcuts Key for Window and Mac

  • Shift + F10
  • F10 or ALT
  • ALT + spacebar
  • Down arrow
  • Home or End
  • ALT
  • ESC


  • Create new workbook
  • Open workbook
  • Save workbook
  • Save as
  • Print file
  • Open print preview window
  • Close current workbook
  • Close Excel                                                 


  • CtrlN             ⌘N
  • CtrlO             ⌘O
  • CtrlS             ⌘S
  • F12               ⌘⇧S
  • CtrlP             ⌘P
  • CtrlF2
  • CtrlF4            ⌘W
  • AltF4             ⌘Q


  • Expand or collapse ribbon
  • Activate access keys
  • Move to next ribbon control
  • Activate or open selected control
  • Confirm control change
  • Get help on selected control


  • CtrlF1            ⌘⌥R
  • Alt
  • Tab               Tab
  • Space             Space
  • Enter             Return
  • F1


  • Open options
  • Open help
  • Undo last action
  • Redo last action
  • Repeat last action
  • Copy selected cells
  • Cut selected cells
  • Paste content from clipboard
  • Display the Paste Special box
  • Display find and replace
  • Display find and replace, selected
  • Find next match
  • Find previous match
  • Create embedded chart
  • Create chart in new worksheet


  • AltFT              ⌘,
  • F1                 ⌘/
  • CtrlZ              ⌘Z
  • CtrlY              ⌘Y
  • F4                 ⌘Y
  • CtrlC              ⌘C
  • CtrlX              ⌘X
  • CtrlV              ⌘V
  • CtrlAltV          ⌃⌘V
  • CtrlF              ⌘F
  • CtrlH              ⌃H
  • ShiftF4            ⌘G
  • CtrlShiftF4        ⌘⇧G
  • AltF1              Fn⌥F1
  • F11                FnF11

Tables and Filters

  • Insert table
  • Toggle Autofilter
  • Activate filter
  • Select table row
  • Select table column
  • Select table
  • Clear slicer filter
  • Toggle table total row

Table and Filter

  • CtrlT                   ⌃T
  • CtrlShiftL          ⌘⇧F
  • Alt↓                     ⌥↓
  • ShiftSpace         ⇧Space
  • CtrlSpace          ⌃Space
  • CtrlA                   ⌘A
  • AltC                     ⌥C
  • CtrlShiftT           ⌘⇧T

Drag and Drop

  • Drag and cut
  • Drag and copy
  • Drag and insert
  • Drag and insert copy
  • Drag to worksheet
  • Drag to duplicate worksheet

Drag and Drop

  • Drag               Drag
  • Ctrldrag           ⌥drag
  • Shiftdrag          ⇧drag
  • CtrlShiftdrag      ⌥⇧drag
  • Altdrag            ⌘drag
  • Ctrldrag           ⌥drag


  • Move one cell right
  • Move one cell left
  • Move one cell up
  • Move one cell down
  • Move one screen right
  • Move one screen left
  • Move one screen up
  • Move one screen down
  • Move to right edge of data region
  • Move to left edge of data region
  • Move to top edge of data region
  • Move to bottom edge of data region
  • Move to beginning of row
  • Move to last cell in worksheet
  • Move to first cell in worksheet
  • Turn End mode on
  • Go back to hyperlink


  • →                                   →
  • ←                                   ←
  • ↑                                      ↑
  • ↓                                      ↓
  • AltPgDn                   Fn⌥↓
  • AltPgUp                   Fn⌥↑
  • PgUp                        Fn↑
  • PgDn                        Fn↓
  • Ctrl→                       ⌃→
  • Ctrl←                       ⌃←
  • Ctrl↑                         ⌃↑
  • Ctrl↓                         ⌃↓
  • Home                      Fn←
  • CtrlEnd                   Fn⌃→
  • CtrlHome               Fn⌃←
  • End                          Fn→
  • CtrlGEnter             ⌃GReturn


  • Select entire row
  • Select entire column
  • Select entire worksheet
  • Add adjacent cells to selection
  • Add non-adjacent cells to selection
  • Same selection in next column
  • Same selection in previous column
  • Move right between non-adjacent
  • Move left between non-adjacent
  • Toggle add to selection mode
  • Cancel selection


  • ShiftSpace            ⇧Space
  • CtrlSpace              ⌃Space
  • CtrlA                      ⌘A
  • ShiftClick              ⇧Click
  • CtrlClick                ⌘Click
  • CtrlAlt→               ⌃⌥→
  • CtrlAlt←               ⌃⌥←
  • ShiftF8                  Fn⇧F8
  • Esc                         Esc

Active Cell

  • Select active cell only
  • Show the active cell on worksheet
  • Move active cell clockwise selection
  • Move active cell down in selection
  • Move active cell up in selection
  • Move active cell right in a selection
  • Move active cell left in a selection
Active Cell
  • ShiftBackspace        ⇧Delete
  • CtrlBackspace          ⌘Delete
  • Ctrl.                                ⌃.
  • Enter                          Return
  • ShiftEnter                 ⇧Return
  • Tab                              Tab
  • ShiftTab                     ⇧Tab

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