Email Marketing Training

Email Marketing Training

Email Marketing Training Course Objective:

Email marketing is probably the most personal form of virtual marketing. The email marketing course focuses to elaborate the benefits and drawbacks of this form of marketing. The course teaches for which type of business must opt to this type of marketing, what can be the drawbacks of sending wrong mails and other such stuff.

About the course: The email marketing training course focuses on teaching how to generate the leads using email marketing tools. This course teaches step by step the process of email marketing.

  • News Latter Blasting
  • Data Collection
  • Lead Generation
  • promotional emails
  • New inventory emails
  • Welcome Emails
  • Product Advice
  • Reorder
  • Testimonial
  • Survey Email


The email marketing training course is a very broad scope course and can be taken up by anyone having his own business who wish to increase its reach and gain popularity over the internet. This course asks for no strict technical knowledge or restricts entry of students in any way.

Target students: All the people belonging to the digital marketing background who want go increase the reach of their product by means of mail can Join this course. The entrepreneurs, digital marketers, website developers and small business as well all can join this course.

Email Marketing Course Outline:

Introduction To Email Marketing

  • Why we need Email Marketing
  • How to do Email Marketing
  • Psychology of email receiver
  • Concept of Email Marketing
  • Components of Email Marketing

Concept Of Email Marketing

  • Why receiver open your email?
  • How you should reach to more recepients
  • Email subject & sender concept
  • Anatomy of Email Campaign
  • Effective content for Email Campaign

Creating Email Campaign

  • Designing Email Campaign
  • Using Email Marketing Software
  • Important Points to note
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing
  • Understanding best content

Mailing List Management

  • How to collect email data
  • Email list management
  • Manage unsubscribe email
  • Segregate email list
  • Personalised email Vs Generic email list
  • Opt-in & opt-out Email List

Email Marketing Software

  • Understanding concept of software
  • Terms used in software
  • Monitor email campaign
  • Review email campaign result
  • Manage email testing
  • Optimising email campaign
  • Email Measurement

Email Marketing Plan

  • Planning email campaigns
  • Email campaign that works
  • Content for email campaign
  • Landing page for Email campaign
  • URL Builder to track email campaign
  • Google Analytics for Email campaign