Advanced Excel Training

Advanced Excel Training

A training which help participants to get better understanding on Advanced Features & Functions of Excel. Advanced Excel 2010 Course  includes all Features, Functions and Formulas of Microsoft Excel 2010. This Advanced Excel Training help participants to learn Pivot Table, VLookup, Hlook up, Filtering Data using Functions, Exporting and importing data, Basic Macros and many more tricks in Microsoft Excel. This is a hands-on Advanced excel training where you will be working on live exercises of each topic.

Why You Need to Learn Advanced Excel?

  • This training will improve your productivity. You can enhance your daily reports with charts, templates, media, graphics, and formulas.
  • You will learn how to use visual elements and advanced formulas in your excel report to show data in various formats using slicing, Advanced Filtering, Conditional Formatting, Pivot Tables, and Sorting options.
  • You will learn how to automate common daily tasks. Analyze the complex data share the worksheets with others and leverage on Excel’s advanced functionality.

What You Will Get After This Course?

  • Compute data with advanced functions & formulas
  • Summarize information quickly using Pivot Tables, and generate Management Reports,
  • Create and modify charts & graphs.
  • Consolidate excel worksheet and table data using multiple techniques,
  • Analyze data by generating reports using Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.
  • Customize and enhance workbooks by graphic objects.

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